Finger URL, second cut

Reed Wade (
Wed, 24 Aug 1994 04:56:14 +0200

After looking over the finger rfc again and assimilating
comments I've made some changes to my original finger URL

Reed Wade
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Finger URL


hostlist ::= @hostname | @hostname{hostlist}

finger:// <-- these are different,
finger:// <-- here W is the username

Encoded CR's and LF's are not permitted in any part of the URL.

If the "W/" element is present then the finger request is preceded
by the /W (or /W<sp> as required) per rfc1128.

Returned Data Interpretation:

Existing finger servers return user information in unpredictable
ways. There are cases where it is not possible to get information
on only a single user. Interpreting returned data as plain text
is the only reasonable thing to do. Instead of attempting to wedge
more utility into finger, whois++ or http should be used.