Re: finger url

Reed Wade (
Wed, 24 Aug 1994 17:31:43 +0200

>Of course, I'd like to think that finger gateways like ours actually
>add value rather than doubling load for no reason, but yes.

I'm not opposed to gateways (especially as transitional tools).
I worry about depending on them. Load doubling is a worst case

>The proposed spec looks OK by me; I'd just have two comments...
>- I think you mean RFC 1288, not 1128.

yes, that's an interesting typo

>- This probably should go through the URI WG (not to start any religious
> wars, but it would be best of the two different incarnations of URLs
> did not drift any further apart.)

I very nearly posted it to the uri list originally but thought it ought
to be hashed around here first. I'll post it there in the next day or
so if nobody has serious problems with it as it is now.

>- Marc


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