Re: Client Compliance

Daniel W. Connolly (
Thu, 25 Aug 1994 21:23:01 +0200

In message <>, "Mark Cox" writes:
>What we ought to start then is a definative compliance list! Hopefully
>when clients as popular as "WinMosaic" see they are fairly low in
>the table they will be motivated to improve!
>| 3. We need a way for users to know which client to choose to
>| depending on independent conformance testing.
>Which does imply that we have standards that everyone adheres too - the
>Location/URI http header stuff is all to common. Is this a function
>of the new W3O?

Eventually, perhaps yes.

But I personally prefer the Linux development model: a motivated
individual senses a need, and takes the initiative. If thier specialty
is technical, they write the code. If they're effective communicators,
the write doc. If they're good organizers, they coordinate the effort.

The WWW is much the same. Folks that see a need march forward and fill

Your choice is to wait until commercial entities fill the void. If you
wait for that, you deserve what you get. :-{

Building this information infrastructure is a huge project. I suspect
W3O will have its hands full just coordinating things. Progress and
functionality enhancements will remain the responsibility of the community
at large for some time to come.