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John DuBois (
Fri, 26 Aug 1994 05:53:14 +0200

On Aug 24, 5:40pm, Robert Stocks wrote:
} The URL is I tried it yesterday and connected.
} However I don't live in Santa Cruz, so I don't think that I could get
} a pizza from them, unless they forward the request to your local Pizza
} Hut....<g>

It does. Except that only the Santa Cruz Mission St. PH is participating
yet. The web server is in Wichita, Kansas. It uses a database (possibly one
of those address-to-zip+4 databases) to determine what the nearest PH to you
is, and relays the order to them over a data line. PH was in a good position
to do this because they already use SCO systems for their operation. They
installed SCO's Global Access product to get httpd etc., and then set up the
web page with help from SCO engineers. They have a SCO system in every PH,
which receives the order and (presumably) prints it out.
Santa Cruz was a pretty good place to start this off, with SCO here, and
net access easy to come by. UC Santa Cruz (, with c. 10K
students/faculty all with net access, is in their delivery range. There are
open-access sites like this one ( that give free dialup
accounts to anyone, and there are lots of commercial options starting at $5/mo.
( Houses on the net (also like this one) are
proliferating (, with
Santa Cruz Community Internet ( offering cheap
Here's the press release.



Rob Doughty Elisheva Steiner
Pizza Hut, Inc. The Santa Cruz
Operation, Inc.
TEL: 316/681-9602 TEL: 408/427-7252

Patti Fortuna
Rourke & Company
TEL: 408/453-9194


"PizzaNet'' Program Enables Computer Users
to Electronically Order Deliveries

WICHITA, KS AND SANTA CRUZ, CA, SCO FORUM94 (August 22, 1994) --

(NASDAQ:SCOC) In a revolutionary spin on business use of the

Information Superhighway, The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. (SCO)

and Pizza Hut, Inc. today announced "PizzaNet," a pilot program

that enables computer users, for the first time, to

electronically order pizza delivery from their local Pizza Hut

restaurant via the worldwide Internet.

Pizza Hut will launch the PizzaNet pilot in the Santa Cruz area

on August 22 and use it to study the feasibility of expanding the

program to other cities in the U.S. and around the world.

Technology for the pilot program includes the SCO Global Access

product, an integrated Internet business server solution. The SCO

Global Access incorporates advanced NCSA Mosaic software for

browsing the Internet, and the custom "PizzaNet" application

software developed by SCO's Professional Services organization.

SCO Open Server System Provides Access

"The worldwide Internet, along with SCO Global Access software,

present us with exciting new opportunities to offer home delivery

services to our customers," said Jon Payne, Pizza Hut MIS

Director of POS Development. "The PizzaNet pilot will help us

study the technical feasibility and gauge customer response to

these new services, while taking an important step toward

integrating our restaurants with the Information Highway."

To participate in the PizzaNet Pilot, customers in the Santa Cruz

area need computers with Internet access and any version of

Mosaic, such as Windows, Mac, or UNIX. Customers use the

Internet's World Wide Web to access the centralized PizzaNet

server at Pizza Hut Headquarters in Wichita, Kansas. This 486

system runs SCO Open Server and SCO Global Access software, using

the Mosaic and Hypertext Transfer Protocol to present customers

with a customized menu page for ordering pizza deliveries. Mosaic

is widely used at many technology companies, government agencies,

and universities. It is rapidly being adopted by many business

and home users in response to the continuing availability of new

and innovative business and information services.

The customer uses the menu pages to enter name, address, and

phone information, along with orders for pizza and beverages. The

order is then transmitted via the Internet back to Wichita, and

then relayed via modem and conventional phone lines to the SCO

Open Server system at the customer's nearest Pizza Hut

restaurant. The local restaurant can then telephone first-time

users to verify orders. All money changes hand at the point of


"Pizza Hut already runs home delivery applications on SCO Open

Server at over 1,000 restaurants, and that makes it relatively

easy to integrate this new application into their operations for

the pilot," said Doug Michels, Executive Vice President and Chief

Technical Officer. "The primary challenge was to create a

graphical menu page that makes it easy and convenient for

customers to order pizza. The Mosaic component of the SCO Global

Access product provided the ideal set of graphical tools needed

for this application."

About SCO Global Access

The SCO Global Access product family provides the foundation for

businesses to develop integrated Internet server solutions. The

Global Access family consists of a supplement for SCO Open Server

systems as well as an integrated desktop product for testing the

waters of the Internet.

Santa Cruz Internet users can access PizzaNet by entering To obtain more information on SCO via

the Internet, enter

Pizza Hut, a subsidiary of PepsiCo., is the world's largest pizza

distribution company, with more than 8,200 restaurants and

delivery units in the U.S. and more than 2,500 units in 87

countries. Voted "Best Pizza Quality" in a Restaurant &

Institutions consumer poll, Pizza Hut is the recognized leader of

the $17 billion dollar pizza category.

SCO is the world leader for UNIX servers (Source: IDC 1994).

Businesses and governments use SCO Open Systems Software to run

their critical operations, accessing information across local,

national, and international boundaries and networks. SCO sells

and supports its products in more than 80 countries through a

worldwide network of distributors, resellers, systems

integrators, and OEMs.

# # #

SCO, the SCO logo, The Santa Cruz Operation, Open Desktop, and

Open Server are trademarks or registered trademarks of The Santa

Cruz Operation, Inc. in the U.S.A. and other countries. All other

brand or product names are or may be trademarks of, and are used

to identify products or services of, their respective owners.