Re: Includes in Indexes

Daniel W. Connolly (
Fri, 26 Aug 1994 19:05:51 +0200

In message <>, Brian Behlendor
f writes:
>One way would be to have a directory-browsing program that dynamically
>generates the list of available files for a given directory, plus whatever
>else you want to generate on the fly. Yet another reason to put me on
>cache managers' shit lists. :)

This doesn't have to upset caching. The Last-Modified: of any given
"virtual document" is simply the latest Last-Modified: of its inputs,
if those are known. So if you know the modification date of the directory
and the modification date of any other files you use as input (and the
modification date of the script itself, if you intend to change it...),
you can give a Last-Modified: header in the response.