Re: NCSA's un-free browser - NOT

George Boyce (
Sat, 27 Aug 1994 02:36:13 +0200

>> Not only will the free version continue to be available, it will
>> continue to be improved. Also, some improvements from Spyglass will be
>> worked back into the free version.

> Okay, that's the balance I was looking for. The press release seemed

Brian, you are too easily satisfied (IMHO :-).

Eric, any chance you can specify which improvements will go into the
free version? What criteria will you use?

Allow me to vote on one... I haven't seen the source code yet for the
mac and windows versions from NCSA but I have been told, by Spyglass,
that you pretty much rewrote everything. I heard the same from
Digital, and the same from others. Will the free version from ncsa be
based on their original base code, or on the much improved code base
that you are now using?

I'm sure everyone will vote on security and authentication.

On a slightly different issue, should a developer look to submit
improvements to ncsa or to spyglass? It would seem there might be some
economic reward to offering improvements to spyglass. What about
funded development projects? Shouldn't we be working with the best, most
feature rich base at all times?