ANNOUNCEMENT: Macvicar School of Education and Technology mailing list

Joseph Wang (joe@MIT.EDU)
Mon, 29 Aug 1994 20:29:33 +0200

The Macvicar School of Education and Technology is a school which is a
part of the Globewide Network Academy. It specializes in producing
non-credit computer related courses and educational software products.
All products of the Macvicar School are covered under the GNU Public

It has thus far succeeding in producing an online introduction to the
internet course, a course on commodities trading, and a course on C++
which won the 1994 Best of the World Wide Web award.

MSET is also responsible for producing the freely redistributable WWW
editor tkWWW and is producing the Global C++ Library, a set of freely
redistributable library routines. Both these products have been or
will be covered under the GNU Copyleft, and MSET intends to cooperate
fully with the Free Software Foundation in incorporating these and
other products into the GNU distribution.

The courses taught up to now have not required cash tuition from the
students, but instead have sustained themselves by having the students
of one semester serve as administrators and teachers for the next
semester of students. We have found that these types of courses run
quite smoothly once the initial hurdle of getting an interested group
of teachers together has been cleared and are anxious to set up other
courses along the lines of our internet and C++ courses.

The texts of some of the courses thus far produced can be found at URL

The mailing list for the Macvicar School of Education and Technology
is up and running. You can subscribe yourself to the list by

with the command

Subscribe mset-talk <Your name>

Topics for discussion on the list:

+ What courses do we organize now?
(Perl course? C course? basic UNIX? Web authoring? Programming?
Compiler design? Windows?)
+ Policies and procedures for the Macvicar School
+ Long term goals (accreditation? degree programs?)
+ Budget, fundraising, and finance issues
+ Coordination with other GNA schools, and with the GNA core projects

MSET is in need of volunteers who are willing to help set up
computer-related courses and of people who can help out with
administration and organizational work. Any interested persons should
get on the mset-talk list and post a brief introduction of themselves
and what types of projects they may be interested in.