www_and_frame: surely there's something better by now?

Daniel W. Connolly (connolly@hal.com)
Mon, 29 Aug 1994 23:59:23 +0200

The number of inquiries/problem reports I get regarding the
www_and_frame package that I release in Feb of 1993 continues to amaze

To each of these messages, I now send a "canned" reply (see below)
stating that I no longer have resources to support this package.

This is in addition to the "status of www_and_frame" message at:


which states that I can't support the package and I'm looking for a
new maintainer.

Matt Ranney <mjr@syl.dl.nec.com> has been supporting the package in my
stead for some time. [Thanks, Matt]. But he's running out of time to
spend on this thing too.

But certainly, by now, one of the other Frame/HTML packages is better
than this one, no?

Which one do folks actually use? I'd like to have something to recommend
to folks who inquire about www_and_frame.

Alternatively, if none of the other options really solves the problem,
would somebody like to pick up www_and_frame and enhance it? I'm
willing to consult. And I have some code I was working on a while ago
that I never got a chance to clean up for release. Let me know if
you're interested.

Canned reply:

From: "Frequently Asked Questions of Dan Connolly"

<li> <a name="frame"><em>I heard about your <tt>www_and_frame</tt>
package, and I want to know more about it, or I can't get it to

<p> I developed this while I was at Convex, and since I left there in
Feb 1993, I haven'nt been actively maintaining it. I expect some of the
other MIF2HTML converters out there are better. You might try:


<li> <a href="mailto:mjr@syl.dl.nec.com">Matt Ranney</a>. He
graciously volunteered to support <tt>www_and_frame</tt> a
long time ago. I haven't heard much from him lately, though.

<li> <a href="harward@convex.com">Ken Harward at Convex</a>. He
maintains some tools to convert from MIF to all sorts of
formats. I'm not sure if they're available for general

<li> <a href="http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/Tools/Word_proc_filters.html#Framemaker">Mike
Sendall's notes</a> on HTML/Frame conversion tools.