strange mosaic installation problem

G.Shankar (
Tue, 30 Aug 1994 09:36:12 +0200


I want to install mosaic (version 2.4) from sources for
SGI machines. We have the SGI version 5.2.
It compiled correctly and made the executable src/Mosaic.
Also gave that message..."Welcome to Mosaic"!

But there is a wierd problem. Though .html documents are being
fetched, there is no display whatsoever. The mosaic
screen remains completely blank. Even the Mosaic Home page
is not displayed though the document is definitely fetched.
It doesn't signal any error either. I tried using the "save as"
button to save the retrieved documents. The saved file contains
the document allright, but it appears "unformatted" in the sense
that I get the text as a vertical list of single words.

Obviously, there is some "formatting" problem. Hence the display
is also getting affected.

Would someone know what this problem is ?