Looking for a HTML editor

Grzesiek Staniak (GS111@archimedes.pol.lublin.pl)
Wed, 31 Aug 1994 13:38:15 +0200


Could someone recommend me a good HTML editor? I've been writing html
scripts for my university for a while, and I have some problems with
editors. We use the Mosaic browser, and when I used an editor called
HTMLed, the browser simply couldn't read the scripts, I got the
source in the window. I tried another one, HoTMetaL, and this time
there was some disagreement between the editor and the browser as
concerns the markup conventions (the editor didn't recognize source
files written manually that the browser displayed with no problems,
also it introduced some nesting restrictions that the browser didn't
know). I suppose this is caused by different implementations of the
html specifications. Does anybody know of any editor that would cause
no such problems? I'm rather interested in a shareware solution.
Thanks a lot,

Grzegorz Staniak