Re: Mailcap extensions (was Re: Client Compliance)
Wed, 31 Aug 1994 16:30:08 +0200

HALLAM-BAKER Phillip writes:
> In article <>, (Nathaniel Borenstein ) writes:
> |>Excerpts from www-talk: 28-Aug-94 Re: Mailcap extensions (was..
> |> (3089)
> |>
> |>> I think the mailcap parser you wrote in tcl and the one I write in
> |>> elisp for my browser are about the only ones. Did your mailcap
> |>> parser ever make it into tkWWW?
> |>
> |>Well, there's the one in metamail, and the one in Mosaic.....
> Errm no, have a look at the Mosaic mailcap parser... :-)

hehe - M-x amen. :) To clarify:

I meant a mailcap parser that correctly understands the latest mailcap
draft, with needsx11, etc. And of course, any good mailcap parser should
actually _use_ the test=.... field, and not just blindly take the first one
it finds, which is what Mosaic does, therefore I don't count it. :)

I did leave one out of the list though - lynx 2.3 (maybe as early as 2.2)
does honor the test clause.

-Bill P.