Re: Mailcap extensions (was Re: Client Compliance)

Chris Adie (
Thu, 1 Sep 1994 12:06:32 +0200

> > > It's never been very clear to me what a server should do if it cannot
> > > present an item in a format the client will accept. Return an error?
> > > Which one?
> >
> > The Windows-NT server from EMWAC tries to do this, but has a few problems
> > when it sees multiple Accept: headers instead of having one huge one. I
> > believe it just returns one of the more generic error codes (401 or
> > something like that).
> Quite understandable, given the lack of clearness on what to do.
> Unfortunately, this makes it impossible for the client to respond
> appropriately (with something like "This document is only available in
> formats I do not understand. Woud you like to download it anyway?", ideally
> enumerating which formats it *is* available in and allowing the user to
> choose one.)
> In the meanwhile, let me guess, it responds with those famous words,
> "The information server either is not accessible or is refusing to serve the
> document to you." :-)

Actually, it responds with satus 400 and a message "The document is
of a type which is not supported by your client".

I hereby propose using a new status code 405 for this

Unsupported Type 405
The object requested has a MIME type which does not correspond to
any of the types which the client indicated it can accept.

Is returning this code going to break any existing browsers?


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