Re: modular web browser

John Kilburg (john@cephas.ISRI.UNLV.EDU)
Mon, 5 Sep 1994 12:27:32 +0200

>George Phillips <> said:
>Good stuff. You may want to consider using CGI as your interface
>to protocol handlers. It covers all the information you need in
>environment variables and has ways to handle POST data and the like.
>You may say "But CGI is for servers". Yes, it is, but you can look
>at those external protocol handlers as servers. You could handle
>unknown protocols by connecting to an HTTP server and giving it
>the full URL and have it gateway for you. That's done all the
>time by proxy servers. What you've done is cut out the HTTP middleman
>and directly run the gateway. With the HTTP server out of the way,
>CGI logically follows as the interface. Well, it _does_ make sense,
>I may just not be explaining it well.
>I've got some code which almost does what you want (except that it's
>tied to a particular URL scheme), look under
> to find it.

Good idea, but I would like to use HTTP because the code is already
in chimera to do it.

It seems like a CGI interface could be put on top of the external
protocol handler for the folks that would like to use CGI.
I'll see if I can con a friend into doing it :)

Unfortunately this causes CGI code to be duplicated if you have
more than one external protocol program.

Does this make any sense?