Re: Client Compliance

Tue, 6 Sep 1994 02:25:35 +0200

> Has anyone else implemented this yet, and are there any servers out there
>that support shipping off the correct image based on the quality
>measurements? I remember hearing something about a web server from CMU
>that allowed you to do a:
>GET /some/image/path HTTP/1.0
>Accept: image/jpeg
>Accept: image/gif
>And it would look for path.jpg, then path.gif.
>Does anybody have a pointer to this web server, or the web server author?

I have no reference to that server or its author.
But I like this idea and will see about adding it to the VM server.
Right now I'm working on CGI compliance. (thanks for the pointers all)

>-Bill Perry

Rick Troth, <>, <>, Houston, Texas, USA