Re: Lotus Notes -- Too much Hype !!!
Thu, 8 Sep 1994 22:53:45 +0200

> >WWW is meant for a "Digital Library" or an electronic publishing
> >paradigm based on "Open Systems" (yes! I dare to use the term). It
> >fosters the notion of non-interactive publishing as a method of
> >communication.
> I bet TimBL would cry if he heard you say that. Perhaps for some folks
> WWW is meant to be a publishing system. But the original WWW client
> was also an editor. It did not encourage the producer-consumer model
> fostered by Mosaic -- it was much closer to the peer-peer relationship
> of USENET.
> With the advent of a few tools, the web should once again take on
> the collaborative nature that it was meant to from day one.
> Dan

Dan points out a popular misperception about WWW - that there is a
directional bias. Popular usage of the technology may include publishing
but the underlying technology does not implement a "fetch-it" bias.

--bob jernigan