Re: Peer-peer vs. producer-consumer

Jack (jack@eit.COM)
Fri, 9 Sep 1994 04:58:15 +0200

True that the WWW initially was meant to do other things but we have
to go with what the customer wants or may want in the future.

-- Ravi

This is just an opinion, but I think you'll find that both models
(peer to peer and producer to consumer) are in demand, both by different
people having different objectives and also by the same people in different
contexts. The net is by definition not limited to producer-consumer
relations; I think this is one reason it is popular; the consumer can
also produce and talk back. Granted, large organizations want control
of their assets, communications and image. Individuals also want control
often for the same reasons. Beyond the ability of a large organization
being able to exercise control over its online information, presence and
communications, you'll also find areas where such isn't very important
and the emphasis is on individual contribution and/or collaboration.