NCSA Mosaic v2.0alpha7

Windows Mosaic Tech Support (
Sat, 10 Sep 1994 05:21:55 +0200

NCSA Mosaic for Microsoft Windows Version 2.0alpha7 is now available on our
NEW ftp server, NCSA Mosaic is a network navigational
tool that will allow you to easily access networked information with the
click of a button. Mosaic is capable of accessing data via protocols such
as HTTP, Gopher, FTP and NNTP (Usenet News) natively, and other data services
such as Archie, WAIS, and Veronica through gateways. NCSA Mosaic was designed
to provide its user transparent and seamless access to these information
sources and services. With our latest compile we have created a native
version of Mosaic for the iX86 and the Mips processors. We still have a
native DEC aXp version but it dates back to alpha 5. We will release a
native DEC version of A7 as soon as we solve our compilier blues.

Below are the naming schemes we will be using for this release. -> Win3.1, WWG & NT (iX86 processor) -> NT on the DECpc (alpha processor) -> NT for the MipsPC

Bug Fixes

- Local files are no longer deleted.
- Local files are no longer duplicated.
- file:// = ftp:// (Alpha 6 locked file:// for local files and ftp://
for remote files. However, due to the large number of existing files
that were written using the old definition of file://, we had to revert
back to file:// = ftp://. Thus, file:///c| MUST be used to access local
- Image alignment problem. Inline images align horizontally.
- The -i option was fixed. (-i allows the user to use the mosaic.ini that
is explicitly defined. ie. mosaic.exe -i c:\ncsa\mosaic.ini)

Added Features

- The save, save as function. Save and Save as will save the current
document to your local disk.
- Animated Icon Change. We've changed the size of the icon to be relative to
the amount of space that is available in the window. ie. If you use both
the tool bar and the Show Current URL functions, you will have a full-size
animated icon. If you choose not to use either of these functions, the
icon will be reduced in size to fit in the available space.
- Tool tips were added. Tool tips offers the user information about the
current tool the mouse cursor is pointing at in the Tool bar.
- The find icon on the Tool bar has changed from the list icon to a binocular
- We've removed the "URL" title from the "Show Current URL"

Version 2.0alpha7 is available through our home page,

or from our anonymous FTP server, "". You can find the
software in the /PC/Windows/Mosaic directory.

NCSA/Software Development Group


- Documentation for Mosaic DOES exist. You can find it online via the
"Documentation" link on our home page. We have also made these html files
available from our anonymous ftp server, You can find
the file in the /PC/Windows/Mosaic/Document directory.

- Windows 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups Users

Before you begin, make sure you are using v1.1.5a of the Win32s software. It
is available from Microsoft's anonymous ftp server and you can find the file
Win32s115a.Zip in the /developr/win32dk/sdk-public directory. For the
convienence of our users we also mirror a copy of this software on our ftp
site, However, we have added a readme file and we've
re-zipped it into a file called You can find in the
/PC/Windows/Mosaic/ directory of our anonymous ftp server.

******* WIN32S v1.1.5a MUST BE INSTALLED BEFORE YOU RUN Alpha 7 *******

- NCSA Mosaic for Microsoft Windows is a WinSock client program. It requires
network (TCP/IP) access through the WinSock DLL interface. If you are using
Windows NT, this is built in. If you are using Windows 3.1, you need to
obtain a WinSock and install it on your system. If you are running a
commercial TCP/IP stack, such as FTP Software, Novell, PCNFS, etc., you
will need to obtain that vendors winsock.dll. If you need a winsock.dll and
you would like to obtain a shareware product called the "Trumpet Software
International Winsock", you can find the latest version at ftp site, The file is in the pc/trumpet/winsock directory.

- Your comments on NCSA Mosaic are important; user feedback is an
integral part of the Software Development Group's (SDG's) planning
activities. Bug reports are particularly valuable because SDG's tests
cannot duplicate all user environments and equipment configurations.
Bug reports should include enough information to enable SDG developers
to reproduce the problem. Please specify any information given by Mosaic,
and give us a URL so we can try to reproduce the problem. However, before
you send any bug reports, comments, or suggestions, please check our on line
information to ensure your information has not already been reported. This
will be very helpful to us because we are swamped with email. You can find
on line information about known bugs, enhancement requests, FAQ's, viewers,
etc. from our home page.

If the answer to your question is not included in the above sources of
information, then please email us at and we will reply
as quickly as we can. Please remember we are supporting NCSA Mosaic and we
can not provide information about the location of specific resources on the net.

Questions/comments/suggestions? Send'em to