Re: Lotus Notes -- Too much Hype !!!

Fisher Mark (
Tue, 13 Sep 1994 16:51:38 +0200

Paul Everitt asked:
>2) Name one case of a WWW user editing a document, and sending it back to
>the server

Our internal document repository allows users to edit their documents and
send them back to the server. It required about 1000 lines of Perl (which
will drop by 25-50% or so in my next revision :)) and 100 actual lines or so
of Visual C++ (but the number of automatically generated lines!...). It
supports versioning of documents, with automatic retrieval of old versions
coming as soon as I have time to write the simple CGI script. I wouldn't
even have needed the Visual C++ except for the lack of a "submit this whole
file" widget in Microsoft Windows WWW browsers.
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