Re: holding connections open

Frans van Hoesel (
Thu, 15 Sep 1994 01:56:56 +0200

I still think the MGET method or the multipart mime solutions are the best.

MGET surely is the easiest to implement.
most methods that hold the connection open do trust the client to close it
as soon as possible. Surely someone will come up with a browser mis-using
this feauture, claiming to have written a very fast browser (eg If I
were to connect to sunsite to visit EXPO, it is faster for the client to
keep the connection open a very long time so the client doesn't have to
re-open the connection for every new page of the exhibit). Ok it will
be faster for the particular browser, but until the server can handle
the huge amount of open connection, this is not disirable behaviour.

MGET methods are save, and don't break current practice (in contrast
what has been said in this discussion)

Multipart mime is more powerfull, but much harder to implement.

I still fail to see why MGET or Multpart mime cannot do what people in
favour of open connections want to do.