Re: access and session control

Rick Troth (
Thu, 15 Sep 1994 20:37:33 +0200

> ... The program will also add some a session key
> to the URL. For example, if a document contained the following:
> <A HREF=> (where my server is running on
> this might be rewritten as:
> <A HREF=>
> (where SK is the session key which gets passed around)
> The web server while keep state associated with the session key.

I'd avoid putting state information after the question mark.
Some clients will strip it in some cases/places. A better place for
state information is between the question mark and a preceeding comma
or semi-colon, like,file=baz.html+session_key=SK?...

> I assume that similar things have been done. Does anyone have any pointers?

Yes. Look at,list?assignee=troth&status=open

Its "links" will have a ",read" instead of a ",list".
Here, the state information is whether you're listing a range of problem
records or examining a single problem record.

> --Dan Aronson
> WAIS Inc

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