Re: Mosaic/WWW for classes

Gina Faber (gfaber@Teknowledge.COM)
Thu, 15 Sep 1994 21:17:41 +0200

> Hello,
> We are working on a project called Interquest , to put a
> philosophy class on Mosaic and email. In the process
> we are using Mosaic forms to do interactions between
> the class and the teacher.
> We want to do quizes and tests. We are working on methods to
> authenticate who the person taking the quiz is and to pass
> that information back with the form submission to the grader.
> Do you have suggestions about how to tie the WWW authentication
> with the submitted information in a form?
> While we are at it, do any of you have suggestions about
> WWW features that you think would be a good thing we should
> add into a Mosaic based class? We are coming down
> to the wire to complete the class. So quick and focused suggestions
> are most likely to make it into the class.

Hello, this is Gina Faber from Teknowledge. I saw this post
in www-talk, and was looking forward to seeing people's response,
as I don't know of anyone ever trying what you proposed. Could
you do me the favor of filling me in on the responses, conclusions?
or post them back to the list?

Also, are you planning on attending the Chicago WWW conference
in October? I'm going, and since I'll be alone, it would be nice
to know that I'll know at least one other person there by face.


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