HTML -> other stuff -> HTML

Darren New (
Thu, 15 Sep 1994 22:25:36 +0200

Can anyone point me to any of several HTML-oriented programs?

Something UNIXish, running batchly, that would convert HTML to
nicely-formatted text and/or to postscript? Something like what Mosaic's
save-as menu option does, only non-interactively?

Can someone recommend a program to turn directories into HTML, like what
NCSA httpd server does, only as a separate program?

How about one to take a MIME message and turn it into an HTML document?
I.e., for a multipart, put the images into separate files and put <IMG>
tags in, and things like that?

(BTW, all these have to be UNIXy for now.)

Thanks for any pointers! -- Darren