Re: your mail
Mon, 19 Sep 1994 20:27:00 +0200

>> <insert pithy attribution here>

>> Has anyone given any thought to a 'plain text standard' for FAQs that
>> would allow servers to automatically generate the corresponding html
>> versions?

> Wouldn't it make sense to go the other way? Start with HTML and generate
> plain text FAQs from it? -- Darren

That's another issue. FAQ maintainers, as well as many FAQ readers,
may not have the software/expertise/interest to do that. Plain text
seems like the obvious least common denominator for FAQs, at least to
me :-). I think a plain text standard would be an easier pill to
swallow in general.

Of course it would be nice if there were good tools to go the other
way, as you suggest, but I haven't found any really adequate ones so

BTW, sorry about the lack of Subject line.