Webmaster's Starter Kit prerelease 2

Jay C. Weber (weber@eit.COM)
Tue, 20 Sep 1994 20:52:37 +0200

I just installed prerelease 2 of our Webmaster's Starter Kit (WSK).
This is the over-the-web way of configuring, installing, starting,
and extending (with maintenance tools) a Web server.

It includes easy-to-use tools for logfile reporting, link verification,
homepage building, hypermailing, and virtual document programming.

It now supports AIX, OSF/1, Sunos, Solaris, HP/UX, and IRIX. A port to
BSDI is installed but not officially released due to a couple of bugs
that surfaced. A better BSDI and AUX ports are underway. Linux and NT
ports are under consideration.

Significant changes since prerelease 1:

o Now works through a proxy server! There's a link on the Server
Extensions page to define your proxy.

o ported to HP/UX, mostly to BSDI/386

o includes imagemap program (and hooks for a nice interactive tool, under

o fixed bug where server wasn't returning Content-type with error msgs

o mail-archive link on home page now optional

o removed graphic frills from tool interfaces

o relaxed input blank sizes on several forms to handle large filenames

o put link to home page on Server Tools page

We love feedback! Send mail to wsk@eit.com


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