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This will not be the right place (off-topic) for this kind
of postings. I appologize... I am sorry if it offends you.

But it's a mans life that's at stake here!
I hope I can count on all you Cyberians, because...

=> Tonight at 24h Central European Time the
execution of the dutch Johannes van Damme will
take place if the government of Singapore will
not change its mind...

Amnesty International has started a last Blitz-action
to prevent the DEATH-PENALTY being executed, since
the diplomatic approach started april '93 has not been

I support Amnesty's action, and I like everybody here in
Cyberspace to join the Appeal.

This is the Amnesty International Teletext action:



Amnesty International has started a
'flash-action' at wednesday for a
revision of the DEATH-PENALTY of
the 59 years old Johannes van Damme
from the Netherlands.

Van Damme was arrested on september
27th 1991 in possession of 4 kilogram
heroine. On april 26th 1993 he received
the death-penalty for this.

Amnesty International on principle is
against the death-penalty.
Taken in consideration that Van Damme
likely has been set up and trapped,
Amnesty calls on anybody to protest
against the verdict, trough FAX or

The text of the appeal goes as follows:

I, (name) express deep concern that
Johannes Van Damme is scheduled to be
executed on 23 September 1994.
I urge President Ong Teng Cheong to
reconsider his decision and to grant
Johannes Van Damme clemency by
commuting his death sentence.I support
Amnesty International's unconditional
opposition to the death penalty,and
urge that all existing and pending
death sentences be commuted.

(or words of similair context).
You can send your protest/appeal against
the death-penalty to:

The President (beginning: Your Excellency)
His Excellency Ong Teng Cheong
Office of the President
Instana,Orchard Road
Republic of Singapore 0922

Telegrams: President Ong Teng Cheong,
Fax : 00 65 732 4627

(For the attention of: President
Ong Teng Cheong

Send your copies of the appeal against the
death-penalty to:

The prime minister:
The Honorable Goh Chok Tong
Office of the prime minister
Instana Annexe,Instana
Republic of Singapore 0923
Fax: 00 65 732 4627

The minister of Law:
Professor Shanmugham Jayakumar
Ministry of Law
250 North Bridge Road
Raffles City Tower 21-00
Republic of Singapore 0617
Fax: 00 65 336 2496 of 00 65 337 9450
##### Source:Amnesty International ######


I write this at my own initiative, on personal action.
I do not represent any organisation or company.

Frans Stekelenburg