Re: gopher protocol access to HTTP ?!

Craig Milo Rogers (rogers@ISI.EDU)
Thu, 22 Sep 1994 22:32:56 +0200

>This has probably happened before, but I noticed an
>interesting Referer from MacMosaic today:
>I don't know where that come from, but talk about yuck... :-)

I speculate that the server "" is running GN.
I like GN, and have installed several servers running it, but it does
have one or two tiny flaws... :-)

GN can serve menus and documents to both HTTP and Gopher
clients from a single set of files. Unfortunately, the current
implementation wants to advertise each menu link with a single port
number (you get to choose which) regardless of the protocol or port
number used to retrieve the menu containing the link.

I've proposed on the GN Maintainers mailing list a relatively
simple change that will correct this condition, but I haven't received
a wild response; perhaps no one cares very much about the port number
used, so long as it works?

Craig Milo Rogers