File Transfer Proxy
Sat, 24 Sep 1994 14:05:58 +0200

> From: SMTP%"" 23-SEP-1994 20:31:15.58
> I'm part of a team that is working on an application where the NCSA
> httpd would be an attractive choice as an agent transfering a file
> to a host, where all of the necessary information is provided by the
> browser/client in a URL (e.g., absolute path and filename, IP address
> of target, etc.). The file is on the same host as the httpd, and the
> client will access the file, via a network file system, once is has been
> delivered to the target host--but the target IS NOT the client machine.
> Right now, FTP is the protocol of choice. Probably not anon FTP.

This would still involve direct connection between hosts?
Have you thought about broadening this concept to include mail?