Forms support in clients

Gavin Nicol (
Sat, 24 Sep 1994 16:15:13 +0200

Has anyone thought of allowing text substitution using forms? For

<TITLE>Search Form</TITLE>
<H1>Search Form</H1>
The following is a simple search template. Please fill in the fields.
<FORM ACTION="http://foo/$doc?$sstr" METHOD=GET>
Enter your query below.
<INPUT TYPE="text" ID="sstr" NAME="Search string" MAXLENGTH=80><P>
<INPUT TYPE="text" ID="doc" NAME="Document Name" MAXLENGTH=80><P>
<INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="Send Request">

ID is just an example. Ideally we should use NAME. Such a scheme would
add a huge amount of flexibility to forms support at little cost I
think. Looking at the code in Mosaic that handles forms, the changes
appear to be simple enough...