Re: WWW, Mosiac, and Access for People with Disabilities

Sarr Blumson (
Sun, 25 Sep 1994 20:15:19 +0100

Along with several colleagues in the field, I'll be addressing the issue of
accessibility of the WWW and Mosaic for people with disabilities,
those shut out from the WWW because of the functional limitations of Mosiac
for people with disabilities.

It is true that Character Cell based browsers (LYNX) are helpful. But issues
related to file format, character display size, sound clips with out
captioning, descriptive video, and the play inaccessibility of Mosiac are
topics we'll be discussing during our panel session.

Could you expand on this a little. I am visually impaired (to scale this, I
have a driver's license but most people who know me are terrified at the
thought of my actually driving) and I find the ability to set the X version of
Mosaic to 24 point type play with colors to enhance contrast very helpful. Is
the issue that Mosaic encourages authors to do cute media things, or is there
some other issue. I ask because this seems to be a current cultural thing; I
find most of Wired magazine illegible, for instance, but I have seen people
from Wired _complain_ that Mosaic lets people mess with their artistic fonts.

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