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The CERN Line Mode Browser is a character based World-Wide Web Browser.
It is developed for use on dumb terminals and as a test tool for the
CERN Common Code Library. It can be run in interactive mode, non-
interactive mode and as a proxy client. Furthermore it gives a variety
of possibilities for data format conversion, filtering etc. It is
primarily intended as a test-tool for quick access to the Web or
used in batch jobs.

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CERN Line Mode Browser 2.15 is available, source code:

Precompiled binaries are available for Sun4, Solaris 2, HP Snake,
NeXT, NeXT-386, Decstation Ultrix, DEC OSF/1, SGI and AIX. They can be
found at<your_platform>/www_2.15.tar.Z

Look also at the list of other platforms supported at

Documentation is available at

The current address to send email about CERN Line Mode Browser is: or

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CERN Line Mode Browser Release Notes

As always, most of the added features in the Line Mode Browser are a
result of changes to the CERN Library of Common Code. However, the
following new features deserve to be mentioned:

* Introduced a more sophisticated verbose mode that takes parameter
after the -v option. This feature is implemented due to an excessive
amount of verbose output from the Library and the Browser. The -v
option can now be followed by none, one, or more of the following

a Anchor relevant information
p Protocol Modules
s SGML/HTML information
u URI management

The -v flag alone turns on all trace messages. This feature is a
result of a more advanced TRACE management in the Library of
Common Code

* LineMode Browser now supports direct WAIS access. If it is compiled
with the same WAIS flags in the Makefile as the CERN server then it
can access a WAIS server directly.

* New command line feature: -m <method> where <method> is one of


This will later get extended to also include other HTTP methods

* Cyrillic support added for Line Mode Browser. This is a patch from
Anton Tropashko,

* Bug where the Browser prompted the user a UserID and Password in
non-interactive mode fixed. Now non-interactive _really_
means non-interactive.

* The common BUILD for the Line Mode Browser, the CERN Server and the Library
of common code now accepts a command line option:

BUILD linemode | daemon | library

to build a specific component. The default action is to build all three
parts. BUILD is now also provided in a Bourne Shell version

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