RE: Non-Scrolling Region

Ralph Graw [RWG21657] (
Tue, 27 Sep 1994 05:54:07 +0100

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>Has anyone given any thought to the idea of a "non-scrolling" region
>defined by HTML+ tags? This seems analogous to a capability within help
>file systems such as that in MS Windows. It could be used for tool bars,
>a bit of context for long material, etc. They could expand horizontally
>as the window is resized, have a .GIF for a background, be located/aligned
>similar to images, etc. There could be multiple defined, allowing the
>folks at <a href="">Galaxy, for example</a>, to put their
>imagemap bars where they probably wanted them originally.

This didn't get much response on www-html (possibly me being naive or
uninformed) so I thought I'd post it here... :-)

I know this isn't very "document-like", but could be used to do many
interesting things on the client side. A similar idea would be to define a
secondary page(s) to be opened simultaneously in a separate window(s) as a
floating toolbar, control panel, table-of-contents, keyword list, etc.
These would be coordinated by the client so we don't have to keep jumping
back to the "top".

Any pointers to folks with similar thoughts? Maybe the individual(s) who
first proposed Forms and input fields? I'd rather converse with someone
who's already involved in the process of evolving HTML, letting them take
such ideas and meld them into their own, rather than I throwing such things
at the mailing list piece-meal.


Ralph Graw