Re: Non-Scrolling Region

Christian L. Mogensen (mogens@CS.Stanford.EDU)
Tue, 27 Sep 1994 08:17:15 +0100

Tony Sanders writes:

> The main reason for this was because I wanted my server to add the
> standard (forward, back, top) type information on the fly and if there
> was a <NAV> section (like <HEAD>...</HEAD><NAV>...</NAV><BODY>...</BODY>)
> then I could do this much more easily. Also, it would be a *MAJOR* feature
> if users had easy access to this.

I thought this was what the LINK stuff was for...
There are enough LINK types defined to do all the things that NAV could do.
It's just that it's hard to render a LINK...

So we added to our hacked Mosaic browser a little thing that allows us to put
<LINK HREF="some.url" SRC="url/next.gif" REL="next">
and hence we can render the SRC somewhere out of the way with a link to the
HREF. It works well and doesn't take much to add.

Considering the general level of resistance to new body tags, adding a whole
new section to HTML probably won't get far...

Christian "web-head"