Re: HELP! I have subscribed and I can't get off!
Tue, 27 Sep 1994 23:47:43 +0100

You may have noticed that some subscribers have difficulties to

Usually, they have registered under one specific email,
and then try to unsubscribe from another account.

Of course, the listprocessor cannot find their entry
in the database, nor does it allow a removal of
another entry that they may specify, since
it cannot authentify them.

Some of you have proven they knew ways to pass this
difficulty, and I thank them for having done so when
this list was receiving garbage :)

I will soon modify the capabilities of this list processor
so that subscribers may subscribe or unsubscribe under whatever
email. Subscribers will be allowed to protect themselves by
modifying their password. If you have other suggestions,
please let me know.

Please do not mail to this list for such administrative
requests. I know I may act with some delay, and I will
do my best to fasten this.



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