Re: File upload in HTML forms
Wed, 28 Sep 1994 00:08:22 +0100

> > bit like the server doesn't know the content length of CGI script's output).
> I don't know about anyone else, but my httpd 1.3 doesn't send any of the
> document to the client before the CGI script finishes anyway, as far as I
> can tell.
Try putting a reflector in your CGI and see what happens.
Whose httpd are you using? Seems to me that what the client sees
is a functions of how the CGI script was written. I've had data
coming into the client before it had stopped sending to the server.
We have a process running on a PC (in Excel) that sends to the server
for POSTing to an Oracle database. We can't get a Content length
without writing the output to a temporary buffer and that would be
a waste. If the httpd handled multipart documents then it could
pick up the end tag but it doesn't (we're using the NCSA httpd).
Our temporary solution is to pipe the data through a shell script
looking for the end tag.

Bob Jernigan