Re: HTML and Custom Interfaces (was RE: Non-Scrolling Region)

Larry Masinter (
Wed, 28 Sep 1994 02:20:39 +0100

I don't see why you don't think HTML forms are a reasonable place to
start in designing WIDL: they're device independent, include the
semantics of what is being asked for rather than the widgets for
presentation, have a possibility of reflecting themselves in
interfaces that are used with pens or voice activiation rather than
typing and clicking. I do think that the forms capability in HTML
needs some more focused attention, and that most of the HTML designers
are currently looking at more traditional document representation
issues (ICADD, SGML, tables). I think there's as much a place for
"semantic markup" for user interfaces (vs, say, what you get from TK)
as there is for semantic markup for text independent of what you get
from PDF.

What's missing from HTML forms? Beyond the ability to ask for files
and other kinds of data stream (which is a BOF/working group which
we're pursuing with some vigor), the ability to selectively enable or
disable interface choices, are there other features present in
interface construction toolkits that aren't here?