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Micha Reisel wrote:

>At 19:27 28-09-94, Bill Smith wrote:
>>I'm waiting (wishing) for the WWW/Mosaic widget that would let the
>>user click a button ... and the widget would save the user's
>>existing style sheet ... but instantly substitute, for that
>>document only, the style sheet selected by the designer.
>>Does anybody else want it? Is anybody planning to do it?
>Bill, what you are wishing for is a preference file which is seperate from
>the browser.
>That way a subscriber to your publication can use the preference settings
>*you* prefer for your publication. Now, that begs the question: why would
>you want to do that?

I'm sure Bill Smith will respond, but I thought I'd answer too.

>The whole idea behind WWW and the browsers is that the reader should be
>allowed to use *their own* preference. You could start every home page with
>an URL showing what you feel is best for the publication, but what is the

I haven't got a problem with users deciding how to view a document. As a
designer, though, I think that I have something to offer the user. I can
enhance the information in a document so that information is communicated
more efficiently.

Allowing the user the option of seeing either the designer's layout or
seeing the user's preferences applied to the layout would be more than

>In the end it is the content which sells not the typeface.

If that were the case, there would be no need for the use of multiple
levels of heads, blockquotes, etc. Small changes (such as size, weight, or
style) to even a single typface (even ubiquous Times) can effectively
enhance communication of a document's content.

Typefaces are not all created equal. Some are better suited to use in long
blocks of printed text. Some are better suited to use on a computer screen.
Some are better suited to use in tables.

Good designers will choose the appropriate typeface for the job.

Having said that, I don't think it's neccesary right now to use loads of
obscure fonts in a WWW document, mainly because differences between two
serifed text faces set at 12pt in size are lost when rendered at 72dpi on

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