Re: HELP! I have subscribed and I can't get off!

Rick Troth (
Thu, 29 Sep 1994 01:46:10 +0100

> I will soon modify the capabilities of this list processor
> so that subscribers may subscribe or unsubscribe under whatever
> email.

Uhhh... You're scaring me, Arthur.

> Subscribers will be allowed to protect themselves by
> modifying their password. If you have other suggestions,
> please let me know.

I've never been fond of LISTSERV/listproc/listprocessor
use of passwords. The usual reasons apply. I'd avoid it.

One thing that may give you and us the needed relief is
domain string matching. What I mean is, this note should appear
to come to you from "", but it's being composed on
the machine "" and would (with a different MUA) appear
to be from "". So what I'm saying is that you
could/should match right-to-left for the length of the shorter of
the two FQDNs, if an exact match fails.

Again (trying to find the right words):

first try an exact match

iff that fails, then try matching right-to-left
for the length of the shorter of the two

> Please do not mail to this list for such administrative
> requests. I know I may act with some delay, and I will
> do my best to fasten this.

I guess I'm obliged to forgive you since I'm
also very much of a slow-poke. ;-)

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