Re: What's missing from HTML forms?

Brian Behlendorf (
Fri, 30 Sep 1994 08:01:46 +0100

On Fri, 30 Sep 1994, Richard Everman wrote:
> What's missing from HTML forms?
> 1 -- pressing a (tab?) key to move from current field to next field
> (or is that a client issue???)

Totally a client issue. Some clients do this correctly.

> 2 -- valid an entry (FAVLT: from a very large table) for correctness

>From a table in the HTML file? Ack. I'd support type checking, along the
lines of only allowing certain types of characters to be typed in (possibly a
regular expression?) or a valid file name for upload-a-file when that becomes
popular. Those are the only checks that should be done by the client, that
*could* be done, short of smart forms that are really programs in our
much-debated scripting language. But those would be quite nice, yes.