Re: Forms support in clients

Karl Auerbach (
Thu, 29 Sep 1994 04:44:48 +0100

> > In my own network management related work, we handled this by coming
> > up with an "association" concept that/protocol that has a lifetime
> > longer than a single transport (indeed, it is transport agile -- able
> > to leap to IPX/SPX or dial-up if needed.)
> So basically you're replacing sendmail/SMTP with your own more-specialized
> protocol. It still requires your machine to be running when the new document
> arrives.

Actually, we didn't include the notion of any intermediate relays, it
was pretty much peer-peer. I certainly don't want to have to hack to make my web stuff work.

> I agree that email is overloaded, but perhaps there's a reason for that. ;-)

History, and because much of the world has differnt points of view
on what e-mail should accomplish.

I was amused by a recent posting suggesting that to receive e-mail
based asynchronous replies from a server my web viewer program should
edit my /etc/alias file, run newaliases, and push my YP/NIS maps. I
wonder what happed to "safe"?