Marc misses the mark

Richard Huddleston (
Sun, 2 Oct 1994 07:11:38 +0100

See referenced text, below.

Dear Marc --

Actually, I'm a sr software engineer, and wrote c/s apps for SunOS
for six years. In the past two years, I've written them for MS
Windows and, currently, I write them for MS Windows NT.

So no, I'm not quite new to the programming thing.

I'm also chasing down an M.S. in computer science and an M.A in
anthropology. Concurrently.

The NCSA code sucks for air. I've written enough "pressured" code
to sympathize, but the facts are the facts. Can't help it, but I am
offering to HELP REWRITE IT FOR FREE. Or did you see red so soon
that you missed that part?

I offer this because I admire the NCSA httpd functionality, and
wish to help make it easier to extend and maintain.

I'll accept your apology, or completely disregard your brainless
knee-jerk reaction and start fresh, as you prefer. The default
will be the second of the two.

Apologies for dragging everybody else into this, and the chest-thumping,
but given the content of Marc's posting, it seemed appropriate.

End of topic, as far as I'm concerned. If you're interested in
exploring collaboration on a rewrite of NCSA httpd, then please
SEND ME EMAIL as I originally requested.



* At 6:37 PM 10/1/94, Richard Huddleston wrote:
* >I've just spent the past six weeks wading through the biggest collection
* >of spaghetti code I've ever seen in my life: the NCSA httpd.

* New to this whole programming thing, hm?

* The books make it all look so easy...

* main()
* printf ("hello world\n");

* But alas, Rob spends over a year trying to satisfy the incessant demands
* of people (to be polite) like you, getting paid $5/hour the whole time,
* and you can do nothing but whine and moan.

* Charming.

* Disgustedly,
* Marc Andreessen
* Mosaic Communications Corporation
* Mountain View, CA