Re: Collaborative Flaming

CyberWeb (web@sowebo.CHARM.NET)
Sun, 2 Oct 1994 14:12:10 +0100

> *sigh* This list gets more like netnews every week.
Usenet overflow. Only a matter of time before this list gets drowned
by hordes of weenies.. I very much agree with Roy's point - in effect,
that you should have earnt your wings before you can flame on here.
So here's a suggestion (for our next forum?). Let there be Lurkers
and Talkers. The forum acts like a moderated list for Lurkers, and
unmoderated for Talkers. Lurkers can graduate to Talkers by laying
down a history of good posts to the forum, or by track record, e.g.
being author of Mosaic, HTTPD, libwww, ...

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