platform specific server name?

Tue, 4 Oct 1994 13:33:02 +0100

Most servers send something like

Server: server/version library/version

Right? (I think that's how the spec reads)

What if there isn't a separate "library"? Or what if there
are several "library" identifiers? Let me show you what I'm working
with. For the VM server, there are perhaps three or four supporint
elements, not just one library, so I might return

Server: CMSHTTPD/1.2 REXX/4.0 Pipes/2.0201 Sockets/2.01 CMS/10.402

What should I do? A recent thread suggests that the above is
quite un-kosher. But to be honest, everything there is relevant
and useful for debugging (at least) or demographics. Alternatively,
I could list just the server level, because there is no REXX WWW Library.

Rick Troth, <>, <>, Houston, Texas, USA