Re: Collaborative Flaming

Peter Deutsch (
Tue, 4 Oct 1994 21:05:15 +0100

[ You wrote: ]

> At 2:12 PM 10/2/94 +0100, CyberWeb wrote:
> > Let there be Lurkers
> > and Talkers. The forum acts like a moderated list for Lurkers, and
> > unmoderated for Talkers. Lurkers can graduate to Talkers by laying
> > down a history of good posts to the forum
> Let me get this straight -- one can only post articles to the group after
> having posted some good articles to the group? You read Catch-22 twice,
> I'm guessing... ;-)

He wanted to, but the only time the library would let him
check it out was when it wasn't in stock... ;-)

- peterd

"It's a -. Shall I tell him?" he asked, looking at Bill. Bill nodded, and
 the Penguin leaned across to Bunyip Bluegum and said in a low voice,
 "It's a Magic Puddin'."
"that's where the Magic comes in," explained Bill. "The more you eat the more
 you gets. Cut-an'-come-again is his name, an' cut, an' come again, is his
 nature. Me and Sam has been eating away at this Puddin' for years, and
 there's not a mark on him."
                               "The Magic Pudding", by Norman Lindsay

Sounds like a pretty good analogy for the Internet to me (and yes, that's where we got the name "Bunyip"...) ==============================================================================