Re: Problems with Location: URI and CGI

Rob Hartill (
Thu, 6 Oct 1994 18:24:45 +0100

> A problem that I have been grappling with for a while now is how to call
> the second script. We have successfully done this using "Location: URI".
> However long, complex queries such as that shown here get truncated after
> 255 (?) characters.

> So my question is...
> Is there a better way to call consecutive CGI scripts to avoid this problem
> or is there something that I am missing?
> Thanks for your help.

You could call the 2nd script directly from the 1st. I've done
this to call a choice of scripts from one form using multiple
submit buttons.
Just change a few of the environment variables e.g. SCRIPT_NAME,

Also, this way the server doesn't get hit twice for the same request.