Re: <pre>

Chris Lilley, Computer Graphics Unit (
Fri, 7 Oct 1994 21:05:06 +0100

In message <> Brian Behlendorf

> It should be noted that people who use desktop publishing software heavily
> (Quark, Word, etc.) have it drilled into them to *never* put line breaks at
> the end of the sentences, only at the ends of paragraphs. Now, conceptually
> asking them to end their lines with a hard break and beginning and ending
> paragraphs in <P></P> might not sound too hard to us, but to them it's
> like asking them to use a Dvorak keyboard.

I think this refers to several slightly different situations. Once they are
separated out, there is no problem.

1) People using DTP software to create text files which are included in html
documents. Here they do not insert line breaks, the dtp software does when it
exports plain text.

2) People typing in plain text to include into html documents. The editor word
wraps, using whatever local conventions it uses. The server for that platform
should ensure that line breaks get transferred on the wire as CR LF

3) People typing html files using <p> and </p>, where line breaks are irrelevant
and ignored.

Does that solve the problem?