ANNOUNCE: WinWeb Version 1.0 ALPHA2.1

Carmin McLaughlin (
Fri, 7 Oct 1994 23:42:10 +0100

Announcing the Release of
EINet WinWeb Version 1.0 ALPHA2.1

MCC's EINet group is pleased to announce the latest release of
WinWeb Version 1.0 ALPHA2.1 -- a World Wide Web browser for Windows.
It is available as freeware from the following World Wide Web URL:

WinWeb is also available via anonymous FTP from the machine Change (cd) to the directory /einet/pc/winweb and get
the file named

To report problems, suggest enhancements, or send general comments
about WinWeb, please send email to Before
submitting reports, please check the"Known Problems" list at the URL to determine
if your problem has already been reported.

WinWeb is a World Wide Web client which uses hypertext, or hypermedia
where references within a document are links which lead users to other
documents, lists, resources or actions. The World Wide Web supports
the display of text, graphics, sound, and video. It is also a tool
through which Internet users can access information using from various
other Internet front ends, navigators, information, services, and

16 Bit Program - WinWeb works with the current versions of
Microsoft Windows and does not require the installation of the
Win32s subsystem.
Performance - WinWeb uses a unique two-level cache to maximize
performance. Documents can be quickly revisited without any
network overhead.
Hotlists - WinWeb provides a Hotlist dialog box for saving frequently
used documents and revisiting your favorite information sources.
Easy to Navigate - You can navigate using the toolbar or the Navigate
Easy to Download Files - You can easily and intuitively download any
Web document. You simply click on the Load to File icon to
download documents or files to your local hard drive.
Proxy Support - WinWeb supports CERN-style proxy servers. This is
easy to configure through a simple Proxy Server Configuration
dialog box.
Full Print and Print / Preview Capability - Color printers are supported
and printed output is reformatted to fit the selected page size.
Viewers Included - WinWeb includes external viewers for GIF and JPEG
style bitmaps, as well as almost any audio format.
Inline Image Support - WinWeb supports inline images in either GIF or
XBitmap format.
Local File Support - WinWeb supports the display of local HTML files
through the use of the Open File dialog box.
Stand-Alone PC Support - WinWeb runs on non-networked Windows PCs
without additional configuration or files.
History List - A complete history list is maintained of every link
you've visited. Revisiting old pages is as easy as selecting
an item from the list.
Many Protocols Supported - HTTP, FTP, and Gopher protocols are all
supported through a consistent, easy-to-use interface.
Customizable Home Page - WinWeb defaults to the EINet Galaxy home
page, but can be easily changed to use any home page on the Web.
Customizable Views - Both fonts and colors can be changed to
customize the viewing of Web documents.

WinWeb is copyright 1994 Microelectronics and Computer Technology
Corporation (MCC). All Rights Reserved. EINet is a trademark of MCC.

The MCC EINet WinWeb Software is copyrighted and licensed. MCC
provides the Software and licenses its use as set forth in the WinWeb
License. The Software is, and at all times shall remain, the property
of MCC, and Licensee shall have no right, title or interest therein
except as expressly set forth in the WinWeb License. Source code, if
made available, will be licensed separately.

All users of this software must read and comply with the terms of the
WinWeb License located in the README file of the WinWeb distribution.