WWW packet count info and history

Tony Sanders (sanders@bsdi.com)
Sat, 8 Oct 1994 07:00:57 +0100

As of September, WWW on NSFNET was fifth in number of packets and
third in total byte count.

These values were taken from nic.merit.edu's NSFNET stats from Jan 1993
to Sept 1994. Max plotted value is 5082138200 packets (www peak), other
values scaled to fit (approx 65 million packets/column). Gopher(g) seems
to be on a fairly linear curve and WWW(w) seems to be growing exponentially.
I wonder when WWW will begin to level out?

The NFSNET total for Sept was 18.6 Terabytes (7MB/second), which is
double what it was this time last year. WWW is doubling about every
4 months.

Sep 1994 g w
Aug 1994 g w
Jul 1994---------------------g--------------------w--------------------------
Jun 1994 g w
May 1994 g w
Apr 1994 g w
Mar 1994 w g
Feb 1994 w g
Jan 1994----w-------g--------------------------------------------------------
w g Dec 1993
w g Nov 1993
w g Oct 1993
w g Sep 1993
w g Aug 1993
--w-----g------------------------------------------------------------Jul 1993
w g Jun 1993
w g May 1993
w g Apr 1993
w g Mar 1993
w g Feb 1993
w-g------------------------------------------------------------------Jan 1993