Pages with a lot of gifs and psichological resistance.

Alejandro Rivero (
Sat, 8 Oct 1994 15:04:11 +0100

As some 137 of you are aware, last week I announced two experimental
pages with a flavour between imagemap and hypercard, but not server
side interaction (by using PRE tags to build pictures).

As a colateral result, I have got some stats on the patiente of
WWW-aficionados when downloading a small page. It is illustrative only,
as I have not verified kind of browser, nor comms problems.

It is also courious to note that the second image, which was much better
in quality than the hypcard one, was notoriously less requested.

Hypercard look card, 12 medium-small size gifs.
number requests of the page: 137
of first GIF: 114
of second GIF: 108
of mid-placed GIFS: 93 : 85
of last GIF: 77
from this, only 50 users tested the jump to other pages, and the
rest of pages under this node got only 19 hits.
Spain imagemap look, total number of small gifs: 26

number requests of the page: 27
of first GIF: 23
of second GIF: 23
of mid-placed GIFS: 14 : 12
of last GIF: 10

All the access were tunneled across a 128Kbauds link.


Alejandro Rivero
Zaragoza Univ, Spain