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Mark Connolly (
Sun, 9 Oct 1994 23:58:08 +0100

>> Mosaic for the Mac (2.0Alpha 8 version), which is the browser I use to
>> check my progress while writing HTML documents, doesn't seem to recognize
>> «.
>It also doesn't recognize &eumlaut; and mistakenly treats <BR>
>the same as <P> inside unordered lists.
>I recommend against using MacMosaic as a reference implementation -- it's
>a great application, but I wouldn't use it as a reference.

Well, the platform I work on is a Mac. Until some (presumably, though I
realize not neccesarily) more robust commercial software becomes available,
MacMosaic is what I have.

I thought I'd be doing well to make sure the HTML code I generate is legal!
Keeping track the limitations (or bugs) of the various browsers seems a
little more challenging. A colleague who checked my document in the current
Windows version of Mosaic found that _&eacute;_ in the document's title
didn't display correctly, though it did on my Mac.

>This, I think, is the difference between free software which includes
>source code and that which doesn't -- these bugs would have been fixed
>within days of an XMosaic release, because a thousand different programmers
>would ferret out the bugs and at least one would publish a relevant patch.
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BTW, my posts to this list have been generating "Your mail was not
delivered as follows: Error reason: Fatal FTP error" messages, even though
my posts seem to get through. Can anyone tell me who is in charge of this
list so I can point out the problem?


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