Nesting of HTML elements

Robert C Powell (
Tue, 11 Oct 1994 10:45:25 +0100

Hello. Can anyone point me to a definitive answer as to whether
or not HTML tags - for headers and text elements - can be nested
and have the appearence be relatively consistent
(not completely dependant on the specific HTML parser used)
vs. non-nested tags.

In english, is browser performance well defined for cases like:

<H1> heading1 <P>
<H2> heading 2 <P>
<H3> heading 3 <P>

vs. (will this appear the same as)

<H1> heading1 <P> </H1>
<H2> heading 2 <P> </H2>
<H3> heading 3 <P> </H3>

even in the same browser? (MacMosaic is yes, MacWeb is no).

The HTML DTD does mention

<!ENTITY % stext -- as htext but also nested structure --
"P | HR | %list | DL | ADDRESS
| %literal | %htext">

but I have to admit to ignorance in reading BNF grammer,
such as in the DTD, correctly.

Your experience and advice is greatly appreciated.


Bob Powell